Saturday, December 27, 2008

a blue day

These pictures were taken a while ago, actually over a month, but nothing has really changed around here. The snow is a bit deeper and the sun rises later and sets earlier, but everything else has remained the same. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I sure did. Not all of the presents I was hoping to make for people got finished, but I did manage to get the most important ones (because they're owners were leaving) finished. I will hopefully get a post done about them soon. The announcement I am most excited to share with you is that I got a camera! I have been having endless amounts of fun experimenting with it and I am still having trouble believing how much easyer it is to use then my mom's old camera. Right now, I'm making it a priority to get a memory card, because I've gone over it's internal memory way to many times.

I know none of these pictures are impressive by any means, but I just thought they had a pritty over all effect and I wanted to put them up here. I'll try to be back soon!
Love, Clara

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