Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here it is! The book I posted about earlier for my friend Lauren is finally complete and I am finally posting about it. Her family left on Christmas day and I finished it and gave it to her on Christmas Eve, I think some of the paint was still wet.
Opening page, inside the homemade envelope is a letter and some old tea bags, the round thing on the ribbon is a book mark I made that is attached to the spine of the book.
Left page says: Oh the places we'll go! Oh the people we'll meet!
I'm so excited I can hardly wait, lets go!
Right page: So you see, I've found a new way to hitch-hike!
Of all our favorite things

I took these pictures on the pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney land.

Found the photo online, you should be able to read what it says.
Photo taken along time ago in Canada, I think.
Right page says: Far off the beaten path, we will find our sanctuary.

Words on photo on right hand page: A walk through the snow.
Photos taken by me.

Photo by me of Lauren, on the right is a list of fun memories I have with her.
Photo by me, writing is some of my faveorite quotes.
Photo of me a long time ago.
Photo found online, right page says: For who is left when you are gone?
Photo found online.

Photo by me, left page says: You make me feel cozy.
Photo of me along time ago, right page says:
Looky Lauren! Looky! I made you a snowman!

Photo of me, by me.
Photo found in magazine, right page says:
The woods whispers secrets to those who listen.

Photo my me, quote on right is:
The great opportunity is where you are.
Every place is under the stars.
Every place is the center of the universe.
-John Burrougs
Old photo of me, says: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Photo from old travel guide, left page: Sky above, Snow below.
Photo from old history book, says:
Me and you on a bicycle built for 2.

Drawing of a castle in clouds, says: Up in my castle on a cloud.

Photo of me by me, quote is:
People will forget what you did. People will forget what you said.
But people will never forget how you made the feel.
-Maya Angelou
Photo from old history book.
Says Lauren, if you can't tell.
Photo from old travel guide, says: I think a house boat should go on our list of ways to live.
Photo of me, by me.
Picture from magazine, says: Wonder.

Photo from online, says: If I had it my way...

Says: Exotic Places Call Us Away.

Stamp print of phone by Paige Compton, left page says:
"Sing me a song, she told me over the phone"
Photo from old travel guide, says: Where shall we go today?
Photo by me, right page says:
We will travel far away,
In tatered lace and old fur hats,
When the leaves are golden and the sun is high,
When our hearts and dreams are ready to fly,
When ties at home have released there hold,
And we know not where we want to go,
When we have no money, just eachother,
When we wake up at night, wide awake and wonder,
It is then we will travel, far away,
When the morning breaks,
On Someday.
Writen by me.
Says: Feet in air.

Old photo of me, bike stamp by Paige Compton.
Photo by me of Lauren.
Photo from magazine.

Stamp for gypsy made by me, says: Jouney on my gypsy caravan.

Photos by me, left page says: All journeys come to an end, like books come to a close.

Old photo of me and my dad, says: I love you Lauren!

Apologies for the quality of some of these photos, I wish they were better. Lauren called me after she had opened it and said she loved it, which totally made my day. I hope this wasn't to tedius and you enjoy seeing this. I enjoyed making it so much I've already started making plans for my next one. Thank you for reading!

Love, Clara

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Rebecca... said...

you guys are just too cool...I really love the book, so creative!

I found this blog today--I didn't look through it too indepthly, but it reminded me of you...:)