Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Endings come before new beginings

I just had my last ballet class of the semester tuesday night and I've just come to realize how much I hate endings. Last night I also finished the last book in what would probably be my favorite series, I've put it off finnishing it for a long time, and in about three weeks 2008 will be over. Sometimes I wonder if time is chaseing us around or if we're chasing it down. Either way I know its going to fast for me to keep up. Anyway, its just extreamly sad when things end, even ones that weren't compleatly pleasureable, because you can never go back and things will never be the same.
Sorry to be so melancholy, its just how I've been feeling lately. This is when I need to start telling myself about all of good things I have to look forward to and not let myself think about all of the uncertainties and worries that come with the future. As of now I can look forward to Christmas and Christmas break, all of the cool presents I get to make cause I'm broke (I'll share those), my dance performance next week, a chance to get caught up on school, making plans for the new year, remembering all of the good times in this year, lots of holiday baking, time with friends and family, and all of the fun little things that happen that you can never predict. So really I have lots to be thankful for, like the smile thats back on my face after thinking about all of these things. So sure, there will always be sorrows and bittersweets but there will also always be laughter and love for us to share. So Merry Christmas! I'll be back as soon as I can.

Love, Clara

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