Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've been making things...

In my lengthy absence, guess what I've been doing? Making things! Of all sorts too, and here are most of them for your enjoyment. Above is a shirt that I just added the lace too, nothing incredible but I still love how it turned out and doesn't it look nice on that chair? (my dad found it at the dump last summer) The most recent skill I have begun to acquire is that of needle lace, and really, I have only just begun. This jean jacket is the first thing I've tried it on, all I did is some sort of netting on the pockets, I can't even remember what the stitch was called. However, I do like how it turned out and want to get (a lot)better at it.

Next a new skirt, sorry for no better view, but you can get the idea pretty well from this one, I made this skirt from an little girl dress that I had already stolen the buttons from, so I figured, why not take the skirt off of it too? I'm really glad I did too, because it turned out so bright and summery and happy that I'm not sure I'll be able to stop wearing it! Oh, and the lace I got at a garage sale last year.

This dress is what I find by far the most impressive, I've been working on it for a really long time, it might even been the first dress I've ever finished, I can't remember. Either way it is very special. I made it from a pattern from the 50's and I wore it on Easter, and oh, it makes me so happy.

To finish this off I've been doing some art journaling lately and I thought I would share part of a page with you. Traveling has been almost all I can think about lately, I just feel so ready to leave and explore and discover things I can't find here.


Anonymous said...

your blog is very lovely :)

when my blog stops being loopy, i am going to add to my links page. x

Betsey said...

so pretty! i love the dress you made- its so cute!