Thursday, April 2, 2009

la la la life, and some knitting

This is what it looks like outside in Alaska right now. Well, at least from a parking lot's view.
This will be a rather random post, just full of odds and ends that I feel like rambling about.

First thing, or things, up are these vintage patterns I found at Value Village last time I was there. Now these are not the first vintage patterns I have acquired, believe me there are a lot more, (maybe some day I'll introduce you to them) but what is significant about these is that the vest pattern there is my oldest I have to date! It's from 1948 and in very good condition too. I don't think I'll ever use it, probably just hoard it, occasionally bringing it out to wonder at the fact that I found something that old. I do that with my fifties house dress and vintage magazines too, those things are, I guess, things that seem to me to be to good to be true.
I recently finished my 9th journal, another wonder, and I have started my 10th, seems crazy that I'd have that much to write about. Yet, I have been realizing lately that my life is actually pretty interesting, I mean considering the fact that I'm nothing like the majority of other kids my age and I have a lot of rather unusual opinions.
And now to the knitting, I finished the main part of the tiny twists camisole, and it turned out great, except for the fact that it's to big. Because of that it's been put on hold (like numerous other projects) and I'm letting my attention be pulled in other directions. I really, really, want to finish it, but I'm just not sure what to do. Should I tear out the whole thing, or what? I have gotten extremely sick of ripping things out, but what else can I do. I just don't know. Ugh.
On a cooler and happier note, my little brother has learned to knit! He just completed his first project (juggling balls) today and he has already started a scarf, I'm so proud of him. In the picture my mom is knitting a circle of some sort, once it's done we're gonna try to turn it into a beret. That's about all for now, hope it wasn't to dreary, I'll try to be back tomorrow, I have quite a lot to blog about.
bouquets, Clara




Billie Jane said...

It is a great thing to be able to make your own clothes and stuff. I especially liked the post with the swimsuits... they were really good :-) and since my knitting is abysmal... I think you are very clever!