Friday, April 10, 2009

one day I slowly floated away

I wore and planed on posting this a long time ago, things have just gotten busy and my motivation suddenly vanished, but it's come back. Since then it's warmed up a lot, thankfully, just look at my cold little fingers!

None of the pictures I took of my hair turned out extremely well, but this blurry things sort of demonstrates what it looked like. I did these braids a whole lot last fall, I was in a Heidi mood for the longest time last year.

A back view, the sweater I got from Value Village, it's a vintage cardigan from the 60's I think. The collar is on the dress, by the way.

The dress I also got at Value Village, it was really big, so I took it in and shortened it, and now it's the perfect little sailor dress, I wear it all the time too, because it's so comfy.

Again, not the best, but the closest to a full view I could get.

So, I went outside to take some pictures, we have a park not to far from our house, so I went out there, it was a lot of fun. At first I felt really awkward with all the car driving by, but then I got into it and had fun.

Some just for fun pictures...

So, tomorrow is Easter and we'll see what happens in the next week, I'd like to get on but I'm probably going to be very busy. I'll try my best. I've been doing a whole lot of sewing lately and some other things to, so look forward to a post of that sort reletively soon.

Until then, Clara

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