Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sometimes I just want to run away from everything, school, people, and on occasion dance, but mostly from the world.

One of my favorite things is to imagine how I will live in say, five years. I don't hope for anything flashy or expensive, just a quiet freedom. A way to escape from all of the pain in this world and to try to change it in my own quiet way.

My current dream (for it does change) is to live in a little cabin in a far away woods somewhere probably by myself and just write and create things. I suppose the reason is I want to live like the books I read. To have my Rose Cottage or Blue Castle, my hounds Ash and Merritt.

Restless, yet I don't want to go anywhere, I just want to stay home. Is it bad to want to hide from the world?

To want to dance alone, to try to forget everything and just live in make believe.

Graduation is in a year, and then I'm not sure what will be next, college I guess, and I know I want to travel a bit.

But mostly I'd like to hide, to spend my time finding the magic in life and to help people to see it. Show them the beauty in nature and in each other, to promote the preservation of life, because each life is beautiful and magical in its own way.
There's so much out there, yet all I want to do is hide from half of it. Ach! Life is such a process. I just wish I could understand more and see more and feel more and know more.
I hope this hasn't been to dreary or confusing, if you can't tell I'm feeling pretty confused myself. I'd also like to say thank you for the comments I've been getting, they all mean so much to me and make each day brighter. I love you all!
~Love Clara
(photos by me)

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