Monday, September 14, 2009

The Story Girl

I'm right in the middle of this delicious novel and it's been dreadfully difficult to get other things done because of it. L. M. Montgomery never fails to fulfil my every wish when it comes to the perfect book. My quote book is now a page and a half fuller than it was before I started this book. For example:
"If voices had colour, hers would have been a rainbow. It made words live. Whatever she said became a breathing entity, not a mere verbal statement or utterance. Felix and I were too young to understand or analyze the impression it made upon us; but we instantly felt at her greeting that it was a good morning- a surpassingly good morning- the very best morning that had ever happened in this most excellent of worlds."
~The Story Girl
There's another one that I'm planning to share with you as well, a bit later. I also thought I'd show you the scones I made, paired with orange rhubarb jam. They were so good. I need to wrap this up now, but, as always, I will try to be back soon.
Lots of love,


sara said...

how beautiful:)and those scones look delicious!i need to know how to make them!

Katherine said...

Lovely! I'm not really a fan of L.M. Montgomery-actually I can't say I've ever read anything by her, but it sounds sweet.
By the way, I found a book at the library :D It's called Elizabeth; Struggle for the Throne. I love historical biographies. Have you ever read Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire? Amazing-and sad.
Hm, we should start a book club or something, we both read so much (and so much of the same books!)!

Clara said...

Thankyou so much!

Sara: I'm glad you think so, they really were, and maybe (I promise to try) I'll post the recipe. time can be such a bother.

Katherine: I left you a post on your blog to but I'll respond here too. :) I would love love love to start a book club with you. it would be so much fun. could you possibly help me make that happen? I'd be so greatful!

love, clara

Katherine said...

Hm, well we could start a book-club style blog, where we both own it (joint custody?), and anyone else who would want to join would be welcome (unless you want it to be just nous deux). We would pick a book and both read it at roughly the same time, leaving progress posts that are basically a conversation, which shouldn't be a challenge for us since our comments are usually long enough to be individual posts already (like this one).

Katherine said...

Oh, and if we read other books on the side, we can leave reviews on those, too :DDD hurray!

Katherine said...

I left a reply to your comment back on my blog :)

Katherine said...

OH, what about
It's available, and then the blog title could be Bookish&c.