Friday, September 11, 2009

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments, I did have a nice weekend and though parts of it were non-stop I did get to end it curled up on the couch with scones (I did make some!), tea, and one of my favorite movies, Penelope (Pride and Prejudice didn't happen). The only other thing I actually did on my list, besides the scones, was go thrift shopping. I went on Monday because that's when they had the 50% off sale at Value Village, and I did pretty well if I do say so myself. Every time I go shopping I end up with more skirts than anything else, this time I got two and a slip, which I'm not sure counts as one or not. The blue plaid is a lovely Pendleton wool that reaches past my knees, I've begun to really get into longer skirts, they're easier to live in and they have a sort of sophisticated air that I love. The other skirt is shorter and thin and flirty/floaty I can hardly wait to wear it.

Words can not express how exciting it was for me to find this belt, I have been wanting a wide braided belt for a long time and this one surpassed my expectations. Plus, I got it for only five dollars!

Also I found a bunch of crocheted lace, I thought it a bit over priced, but I decided to get it anyway. I'll definitely use it.

This isn't a very good picture. Am I the only one that finds photographing shoes very difficult?
These are sadly a bit too small, but they were just so beautiful I had to get them! I'm hoping to start an etsy shop soon so they'll probably end up there.

I got the awesome girl award again this time from Jemima and Maddy thank you so much girls!

I love you both! So the one from Jemima was a slight bit different than before, I'm supposed to state ten things about myself that are useless/interesting so here we go,

1. I collect some of my thoughts on scraps of paper and keep them in a big mason jar on a shelf.

2. I haven't painted my fingernails in almost two years.

3. I've never seen The Little Mermaid, which is absolutely ridiculous, I know, but some how it just hasn't happened.

4. I love musicals, I'll enjoy almost everyone but my favorites are the completely crazy and impossible ones like Hello Dolly and The Music Man.

5. I hate making little decisions such as what I want at a restaurant, big decisions however HAVE to be made by me.

6. I want to be an artist, a gypsy, a writer, a collector, a lover, a costume designer, and a gardener.

7. I love feet. Bare feet, stockinged feet, and feet in shoes. Guess what my favorite Dr. Seuss book was?

8. I believe in Miracles.

9. I go through phases with baking. For a long time all I'd bake was different kinds of biscotti, now I think it's going to be scones.

10. I'm such a slow blogger, it's taken me three days to complete this list.
Whew, I did it. Jemima also gave me this little award. Thank you darling!
I really love her idea of giving it to people who fallow her blog, so I'm going to steal it. :) Thank you so, so, much you guys, I feel so blessed by you all. It was only a few months ago that I didn't have any followers at all and now I have six. wow.
I'm not going to say much else because I want to get this posted, but I was wondering if any of you might have suggestions of books or movies I might like. I'm always looking for new books to read and good movies, so I'm open to almost anything. You can look on my profile to see what kinds I love best. I hope you all have wonderful weekends and I hope I can be back soon. Thanks to everyone again.
with Peppermint and Pine cones,


anji-jane said...

beautiful finds. love the skirts... crochet lace... thoughts in a jar is so fantastic. x

Katherine said...

I love your text-heavy posts, for some reason ;)
And it's funny, because I haven't used nail polish for at least a year. I'm kind of scared of VOCs. That's why I don't use sharpies, either. Haha, I'm such a modern hippie. But I, on the other hand, HATE feet. I can't stand looking at them. When people where flip flops it makes me nauseas. Your finds are fantastic, though, so congratulations! I love all of them, esp. the lace {I don't think I need tell you why ;)}.
Also, OMGYAY. My name is on your sidebar! :D

Katherine said...

Oh, and as for movie suggestions, if you've never seen it, watch The Aristocats!♥