Friday, April 26, 2013

Some days (lately) in the greenhouse, when it's spring but the weather doesn't know it (cough*snow*cough) there is hardly anything to do but play with seeds and dream out my imaginary flower garden.  So here you have it.  I love the wild, rather disheveled gardens of story books and fairy-tales.  Gardens where you can easily imagine an old woman gathering herbs for potions or a fair-haired child running with a fist full of poppies.  Seeds make me so happy and excited.  For one, they're like magic or miracles.  Two, they make me feel invincible, my thoughts go something like, "I have seeds! I can survive anything!"  And Three, the packets are pretty.  I love to buys seeds.

Do you have those things, were if you buy some of them you know your day will be good, simply because you know you bought it?  For me it will always be yarn, seeds, and books. And I wanted to leave you with a link to my garden page on Pinterest.    Have a good night!

Love, Clara

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Roselie May said...

I love that kind of disheveled garden too... I dream that some day, for a few years I 'll be living in a cottage with a garden like this...