Monday, October 12, 2009

Did you notice something Charlie Brown? The world didn't come to an end.

So I didn't get the part, but I feel very good about my audition so that's what's really important. Another cheery thing is that now I get to keep dancing. Were doing a bunch of variations for our winter show and me and a few other girls are doing the cygnets dance from Swan Lake. If you don't know what I'm talking about I highly suggest you look it up on youtube and watch it. I think you'll fall in love. (oh, while your at it look up The Tales of Beatrix Potter Ballet, it's the ballet I grew up watching and it's amazing)
Last night I dreamed I got my pointe shoes, but they were a beautiful powder blue with a scalloped design along the side of the arch and heel, they were lovely. And they fit like a dream with the ribbons tied so nicely around my ankles. I think I danced in them all night and they never got worn they stayed perfect and beautiful. I love dreams like that. I woke up happy.
I'm finally reading the rest of the Anne books, you think I would have read them all multiple times by now, especially since we own them. But I haven't, I guess I've always felt the first one was too perfect to have a sequel and that I couldn't bare to have my beloved Anne grow up, but I've decided it's time. I'm loving Anne of Avonlea, although I'm not very far. It's just as if I'm growing up with an old friend, since she's now just a tiny bit younger than me. It's so strange how that happens, I remember reading and thinking Some day I'll be sixteen just like Anne, I hope my life can be just as romantic and dreamy. I'll declaim in a hotel and then, in a white dress, stand out by the sea with my bosom friend. (I'd also hoped that by that time my hair would be red) And now I'm seventeen, oh, life is so queer, is it not. Thank you very much again for all your well wishes concerning the auditions and although the results weren't ideal, I'm sure good will come out of it. (I'll get to blog more!)

I love you all!



sugar plum fairy said...

you have such a bright, positive spirit & attitude! oh swan lake is incredible! and i love anne of green gables too ♥ thank you for sharing your little journal entry. one of my ambitions is to someday twirl en pointe. :) xx

Anonymous said...

oh my, your blog is rather wonderful dear, i am quite surprised that i have never came across it before! everything about your blog is so magical and pretty, i shall be adding you to my unicorns lift and following too, much love, from suzannah ♥

elle s'ennuie said...

I just came across your blog I think about an hour ago, and now I've been sitting here reading it while sipping hot chocolate. And I'm so glad I found it, it really is so magical and lovely! :)