Monday, October 19, 2009

my sanctuary

My biggest project of late has been my bed room. It's become a wonderful place for me to just be. I hope you know what I mean. So I'm going to show it to you, I've been wanting to put together a little video of it, but I got tired of waiting till I had the time. Hopefully it will still happen, just not now. Yes, those are tea bags strung about, it was my friend's idea, I think they're beautiful.
Since the first picture was taken I've taped these papers on my closet, they are copied from my favorite journal entries. I bought the pointe shoes at the antique shop the day before my birthday, they were only five dollars and I just couldn't leave them behind.
My old books. Most of them came from the library book sale where hardbacks are only a dollar. The shelf they're on (up above my closet) was a birthday present from my parents.
My newest tea cup, thrifed.

My grandma gave me this one for Christmas, along with Peter and Wendy from 1914. All summer I found lots of little feathers in the back yard so I put them and some dried yellow flowers in this tea cup. I guess it's one of my ways of collecting magic. I also hang teabags on my mirror.

Now this is my pride and joy. Yes. It's a tree. In my room. And I made it. You can't see it very well, I know, but that's because I'm planing to show you a lot more of it later. After all of it's elements are in place. I'm thinking more little pictures hanging from it's branches and perhaps a fairy door or two?
I love this Bambi picture, it was my mothers.
My sister Teresa felted this chickadee, isn't she incredible? It's perched in my tree right as I speak. I hope you like my room. I love it so much.



Anonymous said...

oh, what a dreamy world this is! how truly enchanting, dear! it is really quite wonderful. everything looks so delicate and soft and tiny♥

Anonymous said...

Thank yo uever so♥
by the way, something I hadn't quite noticed before was that you hang your tea bags! as do I, my dear. I think we could be great friends♥

Clara said...

I hope we can be great friends too. it would be lovely. <3

sara said...

oh my goodness!your room is so so magical!i could just imagine hanging out there and thinking magical thoughts and being creative:)i know what you mean about being able to just be there:)i feel the same way in my room.
oh you are such a lovely rosepetal:)

Faux Naif said...

hello dear clara! i thought i would say hello - your blog is so lovely, and i just found it by accident! your rooms is delightful - mine is such a mess. i wish it looked dreamy and romantic, but for now it looks like a tornado tore through it. moo. anyhow, i scrolled down the page a bit and i saw that you're reading the anne of gg books! hurrah! i LOVE anne. she is one of my absolute favourites. those books are so comfortable, i always fall back on them when i need cheering up.

anyway, drop by for a visit if you're ever so inclined! 'til then, happy dancing, happy room-remaking, happy everything!

anji-jane said...

I really love your room. x

Anonymous said...

I love love love your tree!
What did you make it out of?
Your room looks lovely. :)

Clara said...

oh! I made my tree out of brown backing paper that comes in some packages, mostly book orders. :)