Friday, October 16, 2009

Time to Escape

Escape into a dream world,
It doesn't matter where,
Neverland or fairy tales,
Narnia or Wonderland.
Leave the whispers,
growing pains
of adulthood,
us away.
Journey to a safe place,
It doesn't matter how,
Looking Glass or rabbit hole,
Pirate ship or galloping steed.
Ignore the whispers,
growing pains
of adulthood,
us away.
Run off to a refuge,
It doesn't matter which,
Forest deep or forest dark,
River raft or meadow hill.
Resist the whispers,
growing pains
of adulthood,
us away.
Become a new person,
It doesn't matter who,
Robin Hood or Peter Pan,
Heidi or Snow White.
Forget the Whispers,
growing pains
of adulthood,
us away.

The poem is by me. I wrote this a while ago, but I'm feeling the same way again. It's just so scary, how fast it's all happening. In so many ways I'm excited, graduation and freedom, that's good. But I want to stay a child, I want to run through the woods and talk to fairies, I want to paint with my fingers and give puppet shows. I don't want to grow up, but I do want to be free.



Anonymous said...

I don't think you have to choose - if you play your cards right - you might just have both ;)

Katherine said...

I know what you mean. It's so scary (in a unique kind of way) to see all the people in my grade acting so 'grown up' (like Susan) and smoking. Just the fact that next year we'll be the oldest grade, and the year after that, I'll be a legal adult, is so weird. When you're a child, it feels like you'll be a child forever. Eighteen was an age hardly dreamed of. But it's better to just leave it be, and not overthink it. It's up to you, whether you 'grow up' or not, right? No one can force you to :)

I love your poem.

Snake Charmer said...

this poem was beautiful, and who says u can't have it all? i say be a fairy AND free!

Clara said...

I'm deffinetly going to try to! thanks. :D

Anonymous said...

"I dont want to grown up but I do want to be free"
I feel quite the same.

Clara said...

yes, I still do too.