Friday, October 2, 2009


Silent Snowfall, quill and ink, old old books, tea, a glorious fire, fur coats, an umbrella, woodland animals, mythology, hope, dryads, father christmas, peter pan collar and pleated skirt, music, an old radio, the lamp post, ice, carvings and engravings, a red scarf, hot chocolate, small hair bow, turkish delight,a cloak, knee socks, wolves, silver birch trees and ancient pines, stories told in stars, magical lands, statues, flowers braided into hair, cardigan sweater, brown paper packages,
suitcase, rainy day, sleigh bells, knitted wool, dusty old taxidermy, impossible things, a wooden flute, globe, rubbers, dancing at night, the lion
A local theater is doing The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe for their Christmas show and the auditions are in a week. I'm going to try out for a part. It surprising that I'm even sharing this, because it will be really hard if I don't get a part, but I've just been feeling very inspired about Narina lately and I didn't want you to miss out. I love you all!
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Vera said...

such a lovely post!
good luck for the auditions, clara!


I really loved this post. My best wishes are with you for the auditions. And good to know that you have allowed followers. Prob'ly its my computer's problem that I'm not able to see the follower's coloumn. I'll see what I can do. Thanks, Clara. TC. :-)

sugar plum fairy said...

oh i really enjoyed this post and the pictures. i am a lover of narnia, it's such a magical story.. makes winter always seem a little more welcome you know? :) best wishes on trying out for that part! ♥


Clara said...

Thank you everyone, you're all just so wonderful.

melianquolie said...

theatre! you're an actress? how lovely. i do hope you get the part.. which one are you auditioning for?

Clara said...

Thank you! yes, I do do a bit of acting, though I haven't for quite some time. I'm hoping for the part of Susen. fingers crossed!