Wednesday, February 26, 2014


 On Valentines Day I finished and wore this special new top.  And oh do I love it!  It was my first (successful) project sewing a knit fabric, and it came together so quickly and easily.  I got the fabric at Value Village several years ago, planning at the time to make a pair of leggings with it.  Now of course, I'm glad I put it off for so long.  Because this is much more wearable and forgiving, size-wise.

 The pattern is Plantain, by Deer&Doe and it's free!  I probably wouldn't have tried it otherwise, but it certainly sold me on her patterns (all of them are adorable), the instructions were clear and thorough and the fit splendid.  I can hardly wait to make some more, as well as try her other patterns!
The sunlight has taken hold of me, we're gaining seven minutes a day, and the need to create comes with it.  I'm making a bralette from the Ohhh Lulu pattern Jasmine, with scraps from the shirt.  And Sunday afternoon was spent sewing up the shell to my new backpack.  It feel so good!

Filling my time with things that I actually want to do, rather than with fillers like Facebook or Pinterest has been a wonderful change for me.  I'm still using them both, but I've drastically changed how I do that.  Facebook is basically only for messages now, and with Pinterest I've banned myself from my home feed.  I can use it to look through what I've pinned, to save things from other websites, and to look through what other people have pinned, one person at a time.  But no more endless scrolling, no more overwhelming images, no more depressing or irrelevant or irritating headlines, and no more overbearing opinions.  It's left me wonderfully free.

Happy Wednesday world!

Love, Clara

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