Friday, November 13, 2009

The sky was a beautiful peach and blue this morning, so I saved a piece for you. This week will consist mostly of dancing, drawing, and a little bit of writing, if they make me. Saturday night after I was all ready to fall asleep she whispered her beginning in my ear and said, "tell my story Clara, tell my story" so I had to get up and write in out. I think this will happen quite often now. The mazurka costumes are finished. Some are red and some are blue, (mine is blue) sometime I will show the whole outfit, they are extremely cute with our aprons and flowers in our hair. But the best news is that we get to wear real tutus for cygnets! I'm so excited last Friday we spent a long time working on it to fix all the problems and the last time we danced it (in front of the whole company) we did the best we'd ever done. Here's my favorite version of in on YouTube. The way we do it is a little bit different, and of course we're doing it on flat, but it's great for getting the idea if your interested. It's fun because my teacher is really into us knowing the history behind our characters, so even though we're just swans, and not special like Odette, we're still enchanted princesses. It's funny, but I dance much better when I imagine I'm an enchanted princess or a snowflake that when I just focus on the steps. It's more fun that way too. I hope this hasn't board anyone, I love you all!


Mermaid said...

oh, how just perfect♥
thank you for saving us a peice♥
the dresses are really quite lovely♥

Vera said...

skies are always the prettiest in autumn, aren't they?

oh, your dancing sounds lovely, i am sure you will do well! i have wanted to see swan lake for the longest time, but i went to see the nutcracker last winter.

do have a lovely week, dear ♥

Renee said...

I am enchanted.

Renee xoxo

Sarah In Wonderland said...

Oh goodness, the skirts are adorable and the dance sounds perfectly lovely; I do wish I had enough coordination to take on such an elegant pasttime. :)

keep writing, dear. ♥ much love,


Katherine said...

I feel like I've been neglecting you! I don't think I've left a comment on anything by you for about a month now. I'm so happy to see that you've been enjoying the fall as I have. I don't know about you but I feel like I'm doing more of the things that I love. I make a serious point of doing as much as I can when I'm not at school; knitting, drawing, planning things, reading, etc.
And I promise I'll post on Bookish soon, but I'm reading another book about the Tudor era and gets rather confusing, so I have to finish it first before continuing Six Wives :S

Katherine said...

I mean, it gets rather confusing to read two books on the same subject at the same time.

Snake Charmer said...

that is a beautiful picture of morning and those costumes look fantastic i bet ur rendition of swan lake will be amazing!!

Clara said...

Thank you so much dears! autumn skies are the best, I must agree, and I wish I could see Swan Lake too! The only ballet I've seen is the Nutcracker as well, maybe someday we can go watch it together Vera. And thank you so much Snake Charmer, I hope it is amazing! :D

sara said...

oh the sky looks so beautiful and enchanting here clara!and i bet you are a wonderful dancer who whisps about like a little fairy ♥