Thursday, November 5, 2009

this time of year

cinnamon, ice skating, slippers, pumpkin pie, remembering, popcorn, mittens, reading poems and stories out loud to my brother and sisters, apple cider, crossword puzzles and family games,
the smell of burning wood, breakfast tea, candles, baking, fluffy pillows and warm blankets, hand sewing and knitting, piles of books to read, blushed red apples, laughter,
dancing while it's dark and snowy outside, pictures with a golden light, braided hair, fuzzy socks, old movies, home, acorn squash, the smell of heated honey and milk,

wool hat and coat and mittens, crystal coated trees, ballet music, secrets, stars and the full moon, puzzles, whipped cream, hiding things,


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Your blog is so beautiful I can hardly stand it. Thanks for sharing.
All the very best.

sara said...

all such lovely beautiful words dear clara ♥ i think i would like to be your best friend :)

Mermaid said...

how just delightful♥
apple cider, warmed with cinnamon sticks in it, is truly the best (besides hot cocoa and tea) on a snowy night♥

Vera said...

what lovely, lovely words...
this post is very beautiful, i'd love absolutely eveything you listed.

Snake Charmer said...

gorgeous words with gorgeous pictures! I am absolutely in love with that fire pic :D

delicate diaries said...

oh this all sounds so wonderfully snug. x

Athena. said...

I loved these!
So beautiful,

sara said...

dear clara i think that one day i will travel to alaska and we will do all those wonderful things you said :)i feel like i am bombarding your comments, but you are so lovely i can't help it:)

sara said...

oh yes it seems we have very much in common dear clara!i haven't heard of that book,but now i'm off to look it up in the library!:)i hope everything's lovely in alaska!

les m├ętamorphoses d'Alice said...

tes photos sont sublimes!!! comme toujours

Clara said...

thank you so so much everyone! you all are so lovely, I hope you all are enjoying these wonderful things to their fullest this year.
love, love, Clara

Renee said...

What a beautiful world dear Clara.

Love Renee xoxo