Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a long day, full of drawing out pretty pictures (in art class), ballet, watching the snow fall, eating cinnamon bread and pumpkin bread, drinking tea, and listening to music. A few other un-perfect things were involved in my day as well, I just try not to talk about them here. I've been collecting pictures of rooms and houses that seem like a home to be, and isn't this picture just dreamy, I know it's not the flowery and white kind of dreamy, but it just seems like a place you could live, well to me anyway. Here's some things I'd really like to do soon.
  • Bake custard
  • write a story
  • read a romantic fairytale (like Princess and the Hound or something)
  • knit a sweater (I have to make my sister leg warmers for her birthday though)
  • watch Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightly version, I haven't seen it in so long and it's like my go-to-when-ever-I-need-something movie)
  • go to the Library and a used book shop (can't though! my stack of books to read is too long already)
  • buy a typewriter (this is a desperate need, not really, but I'm close to convincing my self it is)
  • do dreamy kind of journaling
  • eat lots of chocolate

I started (barely started) reading Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens, if you ask me, this time of year is just perfect for his books. I've also decided that this year at Christmas, I'm going to make truffles, the rich, creamy, kind. Well, this has been kind of random, but fun, I hope no one minds. I am very tired and my cozy bed of pillows and blankets awaits to escort me off to Neverland.




Sarah In Wonderland said...

clara, your blog is just beautiful, a whimsical piece of heaven, and it is lovely to find somebody who sees the magic in words and fairytales and makebelieve. just lovely, i hope you don't mind me following. xxx

Vera said...

your lists are always the loveliest! i want to pocket every single word. ♥

Thumbelina said...
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Mermaid said...

I wish I lived in a place such as this one; it seems so cosy and illucidating to the soul. You have such lovely taste♥
and if you would like me to search for any vintage book, just let me know, for i work in a vintage book shoppe(:

sara said...

clara,all those things sound so lovely:)i've been hunting for a typewriter as well!i'm so jealous as well that you can knit!i'm able to do scarves,but nothing else it seems!i hope you are well :)

Renee said...

Clara what a beautiful person you are and what a wonderful blog.

Renee xoxox

Clara said...

you are all so sweet! thank you galaxies of stars for your words.
love, Clara