Saturday, November 28, 2009

I got tagged by the ever so gifted Sarah, off in Wonderland, and I'm ever so thankful and excited about it. Thank you Sarah!

So I get to answer these questions and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

What is your mood? I'd say it's something like this, comfortable clothes, and a dreamy heart that is ready to either be swept away in a book or my own stories

Where did you grow up? I grew up here in Alaska for the most part, but when I was three we moved to Missouri (which I still can't spell) and lived there for five years. I'm so glad that we moved back though, for while I'll always love the farming parts down there, but it was the first place where my imaginative little soul was attacked. I still have to fight off the ghosts of those days. My mom says she's finally seeing the little girl she lost fourteen years ago come back.

What was your dream last night? Prepare yourself for something very strange. I was driving past the university, (only it didn't look like the university, but it was) and part of it was on fire. One of my friends who joined the Air Gard was there and he said that someone (a bad guy) had shot a flaming arrow at the roof, after dropping a baby down the chimney. (don't ask) anyway, my friend had saved the baby and it was really the most beautiful little boy I have ever seen, he had golden eyes and the sweetest smile. So I took the baby and ran away with him because the bad guy, which was now a dragon, wanted the baby dead and was chasing us. I ran into a house and we went down and down all different stairs and trap doors and the dragon kept fallowing us. Finally we got down to a grating that lead to the water system under the road, which we went into. And then I woke up, fell asleep again and had another dream, but I won't bore you with that one too.

What is your favorite store? The Antique Shop! I've spent hours upon hours there and hardly noticed.
What is your hobby? oh goodness, I have so many, there's knitting, ballet, writing, drawing, acting (on occasion), reading, researching, baking. Maybe these aren't all hobbies, they're just things I love to do. Does that count?

What is your fear? A cage. To not be able to be impulsive or wild or free. To be stuck in some dull grey office doing things I hate, unmarried, and never loved.

What is on your wish list? A typewriter, wouldn't it be wonderful to curl up with tea and a blanket in my room and type out my story? I would stack up each page as it was finished and then, when I took a break, I would put them in one of my suit cases to be read later after the dust had settled on it for a while.

And a carpet bag, this one here isn't exactly what I'm wanting, I imagine one larger, like the one Mary Poppins has.

Your friends? Are books mostly, I have one extremely treasured friend at dance and I feel so blessed to have her, we've been though some hard things this semester, but our friendship has stayed strong, she is my bosom friend. All so all of my dear and wonderful friends here, you are all so sweet and encouraging you have no idea how much you mean to me. I appreciate you all very much.

Where do you want to be in six years? Here. Or some where like it, my own nice little cottage in the woods, either married or alone, but writing every day and making all sorts of beautiful things. I'd like to make my own clothing line, kind of, but it be where I gather up used clothes and remake them, vintage, and maybe new clothes I've designed, all with a common theme and sell them in my own little shop, either real or on etsy. But mostly I want to happy, where ever I am and what ever I'm doing I want to be happy and content.

Your life? Is good. I'm satisfied with it for now, things have been very hard this year, but I'm convinced they'll get better, and I've been working my hardest to focus on all of the blessings I have. There are so many, I have a wonderful family, and while many aspects of dance have been hard, I'm going on pointe in January. The list is very tedious and long, so I won't bore you with it, just believe me I'm grateful for what I have and I plan to enjoy it to it's absolute fullest.

Okay, now I get to pass this on,

I'm going to give it to Sara of we are dreamers for being so sweet and a very good friend and leaving such wonderful comments. :)

Marisa or the little Miss Thumbelina who always leaves such deliciously long comments that are so fun to read, not to mention she's a fairy.

If any one else wants to do this tag please go a head, I just wasn't sure who else to give it too, sorry! I'd say more, but I'm a bit sickly this weekend, so I'm going to go rest some. I love you all!

glitter snow,



olivia said...

clara, your answers are just wonderful. you have such a genuine way of putting things; it makes me feel so happy♥
take care, lovely
xoxo olivia

Sarah In Wonderland said...

oh my, dear heart, you deserve it! my morning seems full of honeyed sunshine now I've read your sweet answers. i adore your wishlist.

much love♥

sara said...

oh wow this is so lovely clara!thank you ever so much! i think one day you will get all that you wish for ♥

Thumbelina said...
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Melee said...

I had to come visit you... a fellow L.M. Montgomery fan! :)
I think I've read more of her books than any other author. She is so marvelous...
Which book is your favourite?

(I love your list and the accompanying pictures, by the way!)

Melee said...

I totally understand! It's so hard to narrow it down... I don't think I can either!
The Blue Castle is probably my favourite, but I love Magic for Marigold, the Anne of Green Gables series (my favourite from that is probably Anne's House of Dreams)
I love the first two books in the Emily of New Moon trilogy (the last is too stressful) and well... everything that she's written!
Not that I've read everything she's written... but oh well.
I'm re-reading Jane of Lantern Hill right now. It's gotten me in a major L.M. Montgomery mood... so I'll probably re-read the Anne series next. =D

I hope you have a lovely day/night! :)

Athena. said...

These are wonderful questions, and amazing answers!
I'd love a typewriter,

nia said...

i fall into your stories and photos the first time i drop by..
lovely answers..