Saturday, November 21, 2009

My mind wanders and my mood is impossible to pinpoint, it's restless and longs to wander, but to be settled too. I guess it's a sort of dreamy gypsy that can't decide what she wants, so she's stuck in between roaming and staying, dreams and reality, fantasy and truth. She wants to go whole-heartily into everything, every passion, every dream, every wish, but she can't choose, she doesn't want to choose, and she's not fully free yet. Don't worry, I don't plan on choosing, I've decided pursue all of my desires and which ever ones happen go with them. I've spent too much time fighting the wind, I'm ready to let it blow me where it wishes, making the ride easier and less painful.
I've got a big assignment due Tuesday in my art class, it's my project we've had to do so far. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's got drawings and words and has to do with wandering travels. I'll show you it when it's finished. My plan for this post was to show you some of the things I've been wanting but can't afford, but I lost heart when I saw that Anthropologie isn't selling the boots of my dreams any more, they were $258, which is way to much for me, but I was thinking that maybe I would try saving up for them because they were perfect, (brown leather, knee high, with a pretty winding ruffle) and I actually was able to justify buying them in my mind. And now there gone, I'm very sad about this. The bad thing is this isn't the first time I've fallen in love with a pair of shoes and lost out on them, the other time it was the prettiest powder blue Mary-Jane's on etsy, has this ever happened to you? sigh. This isn't good. Oh well, I can't stop dreaming about owning perfect shoes and frankly, I don't want to. Silly me, anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy all of the many things your thankful for!


sara said...

i'm glad to hear this dear clara :) once you realize the wind is your friend,it's much easier to let it blow you about as it wishes (plus floating about in the wind is always more exciting) ♥
and don't fret about the shoes dear,being a shoeaholic myself i know how you feel...but it must be fate telling you that those weren't the right pair and you'll find an even better,more magical pair soon! :) i hope you're well!

Anonymous said...

oh, dearie. i know just exactly how you feel. i have been crying many tears recently because of my indecisive mind; how i loved it, it's fresh and impetuous, racing little thoughts...but restrictive things like people and the rules they set, school it's boundries, it's ever so dfficult. you are not alone, dear♥
I love anthropology as well, and how expensive it is! if you like anthropology, you would like modcloth. just go to, and you will be besotted by! they are relatively priced, as well.such interesting and unique things they always sell♥
take care♥
your forever friend,
olivia x

Sarah In Wonderland said...

oh dear clara, i know how you feel. my spirit wants to thread wild violets into her hair and dance barefoot in a frenzy down a tangled wood. and the other half of me wants to sit demurely with a cup of tea and a leathery book in my hand. it shall never make up it's mind.

and that is the adventure of it. dreamers have the best fun, dear. just go with it, you can only get blown as far as the sky.

do keep writing your dear sweet thoughts down. i treasure them. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello clara!
Just recently added your blog to my list of follows.
I just started a blog myself to try to perhaps tame or unleash my dreaming spirit!
anyhow Ive been enjoying reading your blog and sighting similiar tastes!